Imagine the ideal youth setting for sons, combined with a powerfully effective men’s group which includes their fathers.   The result…  scout meeting

Teleo Scouts!

Teleo Scouts is… 

  • Pro-family—Teleo Scouts strengthens the bond between fathers and sons. 
  • Parent-led—The best teachers are a boy’s own parents.  
  • Easy to do—Parents set their own schedules, so there’s no time constraints nor compromise.  

Teleo Scouts provides a godly, guided course of Christian development for boys/young men ages 10-18. 

In Teleo Scouts, like-minded men join with their sons for the purpose of mutual adventure and godly learning.   The curriculum provides an array of lessons which promote character development and an adherence to a Christian worldview.  In addition to the lessons, fathers and sons engage in a variety of activities together.  The agenda for the activities is set forth by the group according to its own, unique interests.   

Parents:  Teleo Scouts is the ideal tool to equip fathers with their sons’ education and raise them toward biblical manhood.   

Youth Group Leaders:  If you truly want a program that is parent friendly, then look no further!  Teleo Scouts is unmatched in its ability to promote family unity and strengthen relationships with the local church body.  

Men’s Groups: Take your already existing format and incorporate your own sons or other boys in your community using Teleo Scouts.  The results will exceed your expectations.   

If you would like to know more, peruse through our website, or contact us directly via e-mail.  Feel free also to call us at 231-539-7773—we will be happy to assist you!