About Us

Teleo Scouts was created with fathers and sons in mind.  As a father of six sons of my own, it has been my observation that most educational forums and programs have a way of separating the family unit, rather than uniting it.  Unfortunately, this is too often the case regardless of whether or not the forum is secular or religious in design.  Teleo Scouts was created to alleviate this concern. 

What we have intended to accomplish is a means by which fathers can be intimately involved with their sons’ education in a way that is natural, practical, and a source of mutual joy.  Governing our aim are two principles: 1) the program shall have no time restraints because fathers create their own agendas, and 2) the program shall be truly God-honoring in its ability to promote Christian maturity and authentic manhood.

In Teleo Scouts, like-minded fathers join with their sons for the purpose of mutual adventure and godly learning.  Under a plurality of leadership by the men who mean the most to them, sons explore, discover, play, and learn together.   Ironically, the men do likewise; we are indeed proud to state that Teleo Scouts is something that both fathers and sons look forward to!

Too many programs for youth today pander to political correctness and a let’s-settle-for-mediocrity mentality. Teleo Scouts does neither. Rather, it boldly pronounces truth in a delightfully engaging narrative. The core of the curriculum is Made for Manhood, a bookof seventeen lessons which are presented in conjunction with adventurous activities designed and led by the men of the group. Forming a group is easy; guidelines for doing so are found on this website or by calling the Teleo Scouts office at 231-539-7773.

If you want your sons to experience challenging adventure with a clear, moral compass, then Teleo Scouts is what you are looking for. Peruse through any of the lessons in Made for Manhood, and you will be quickly convinced that Teleo Scoutsis a terrific tool to prepare a young man for Christian maturity.

Call today so that we can help you form a Teleo Scouts chapter.  We would be happy to assist you!


signed Ken

Kenneth Knott
Teleo Scouts Founder/Curriculum Developer

Knott Family

Kenneth Knott is founder and president of Teleo Scouts, LLC and Teleo Ministries.  He holds a Master of Arts in Humanities from Central Michigan University.  He currently resides in Northern Michigan with his wife, six sons, and one daughter.   Pictured from left to right are Kodi (17), Marshal (11), Ken, Vinny (10), Shireen, Benjamin (4), Shireena (9), David (13) and John (15).