TELEO SCOUTSSome Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is Teleo Scouts?

A:  Teleo Scouts provides a godly, guided course of Christian development for boys/young men ages 11-18.

Q:  What does “teleo” mean?

A:  Teleo is a Greek work which means “complete.”  It also means “To…execute, discharge, accomplish, make an end, fill up, perform (Strong’s 5055).  Teleo is used to describe this scouting program because the program truly aims to be a complete, well-rounded one.

Key Bible Texts:   “…I have finished (teleo) the work which thou gave me to do” (John 17: 4).

                  “I have fought a good fight, I have finished (teleo) my course, I have kept the faith” (2 Tim. 4:7).

It is for this reason that the phrase “Completion in Christ” is displayed in much of Teleo Scouts’ printed literature.

Q:  How does Teleo Scouts differ from other scouting or youth programs?

A:  In some regards, Teleo Scouts resembles parts of existing programs, but it does have at least four significant differences:

  1. Leadership by Fathers—Teleo Scouts celebrates and promotes the relationship between fathers and sons.  Rather than relying on scout masters or commanders, fathers and sons fellowship, learn, and adventure with other like-minded fathers and sons as they journey together toward Christian maturity.  In this regard, the young men witness and experience a plurality of men leading them.   There is an added benefit for the men in that they experience profound fellowship with other men who have similar passions.
  2. A Well Rounded Course—Teleo Scouts aims to be a complete course of guidance toward Christian maturity.  Included in this guidance are steps toward biblical masculinity.
  3. Parental Input—Teleo Scouts operates on the premise that dedicated parents know what is best for their children.  In this regard, the program allows opportunity for parental input.  We believe that parents and scouts themselves are often the best qualified to identify developmental needs and interests, and therefore they should be able to plan their activities accordingly and determine certain criteria for advancement.
  4. High Standards—Teleo Scouts has relatively high standards.  The lessons, which are studied together in the group’s first few months together, aim to challenge the young men in an engaging but forthright manner.  Merit Awards (which are optional), may be earned once a group is established, and they encourage mastery of their subject matters before recognition of achievement is awarded to the scout.

Q:  What are some of the components that make Teleo Scouts a “complete” program?

A:   Teleo Scouts provides a forum for fathers to teach a variety of lessons which promote character development and an adherence to a Christian worldview.  The lessons are presented in Made for Manhood, which is the core text of the Teleo Scouts’ curriculum.  In addition to the lessons, fathers and sons engage in a variety of activities together.  The agenda for the activities is set forth by the group according to its own, unique interests. 

Once a Teleo Scouts group has been established, a variety of Merit Awards is offered for those groups and individuals who want to pursue them.  These Merit Awards involve a combination of outdoor adventure, physical fitness, practical skills, and academics. 

Q:  How is a Teleo Scouts group formed?

A:  Teleo Scouts recognizes tremendous value in promoting unity and autonomy within each of its local chapters.   In this regard, each chapter is encouraged to form a membership that is very much likeminded, the more so the better. 

Once two or more families decide they want to form a chapter, each potential member will review the Statement of Beliefs and Membership Requirements to ensure that the spirit and integrity of the program is maintained.   Once parents and sons have approved these documents, a chapter is formed simply by declaring it so. 

A: Teleo Scouts representative is available to provide training or to answer any questions related to beginning a chapter.  The representative can provide curriculum materials for your group as well.   Call 231-539-7773 for any inquiries in this regard.  

Additional suggestions and guidelines for organizing local chapters are offered in the Parents’ and Leaders’ Manual 

Q:  Describe the format and outline for a group’s progression.

A:  The format is simple.   Initially a group will meet simply to go over the core curriculum of Teleo Scouts, which is a series of seventeen lessons dealing with wisdom, character, and Christian maturity.  These lessons are compiled in the book Made for Manhood.

These initial meetings serve as a time for group bonding.   A group can engage in a parent-led activity or field trip as part of their meetings during this time. 

A group may eventually opt to pursue Merit Awards.  If so, a scout begins in Phase 1, or at an age-appropriate phase, and progresses as long as he and his parents desire.  The scouting experience ends after Phase 7.  This progression is quite easy to follow and is described more fully in the Folio of Merit Awards and Resource Guide. A tremendous benefit is that the program is self-paced.  

While the Merit Award program offers broad opportunities for expanded learning, we emphasize that the program is optional.  It should not be surprising that a group does not feel the need to pursue it, as a wealth of learning and adventure will be experienced through the normal meeting times.

Q:  How often does a Teleo Scouts group meet?

A:  Each group is free to meet as much or as little as it desires.  Some groups may want to meet every week; others may choose to meet only once a month or so.  It all depends on the specific desires of the group’s members.

Q:  Can you give me a rough breakdown of the workload, in terms of time, required of a boy?

A:  Much of this answer, of course, depends on how often the group wants to meet and the degree to which parents want to pursue Merit Awards.  Many groups opt to meet twice a month (one weekend and one weeknight) as a starting point. 

If Merit Awards are pursued, the time commitment will depend upon the various electives that are chosen and how far a boy wants to advance.  Because it is the ultimate aim of Teleo Scouts and of most parents to help children become self-directed, the later phases of T.S. are naturally more demanding than the initial phases.  However, the workload in all phases is quite manageable.

Q:  Teleo Scouts sounds like it is also ideal for homeschool families.

A:  It is!  Teleo Scouts is ideally suited to meet the needs of the homeschool family.  T.S. works upon the principles that the family is fundamentally the most important unit in our society and that dedicated parents know best how to raise their children.

Q:  In what regards, then, is Teleo Scouts a curriculum?

A:  Teleo Scouts can serve as a curriculum by itself, or certain components within T.S. may serve as excellent supplements to existing curricula.

Q:  Our church is looking for a program to supplement its youth ministry, something that could easily involve fathers.  Is Teleo Scouts what we are looking for?

A:  If you truly want a program that is parent friendly, then look no further!  Teleo Scouts is unmatched in its ability to promote family unity and strengthen relationships with the local church body.

Q:  We already have an established men’s group.  Can Teleo Scouts be incorporated into our men’s group?

A:  Absolutely!  Even if all of the men in a group do not have sons, the group can still function as a conventional Teleo Scouts chapter.  This is an exciting way to make an existing ministry even better!

Q: I understand Teleo Scouts is led by fathers.  What about boys who have no fathers?  Is there a way to include them?

A:  Absolutely!  Teleo Scouts recognizes the privilege of ministering to boys whose fathers are absent.  Suggestions and guidelines for doing so are offered in the Parents’ and Leaders’ Manual.

Q:  Let me ask a practical question:  How much does Teleo Scouts cost?

A:  The start up costs for the curriculum materials total approximately $75, which includes a Made for Manhood, a Parents’ and Leaders’ Manual, and the Folio of Merit Awards and Resource Guide.  These texts can be purchased individually for less cost. This is a one-time cost as there is no need for siblings to have their own, separate manuals.  Moreover, as a scout progresses, there is no need to update to “higher grade-level” manuals. 

Q:  This sounds inexpensive; I’m skeptical.  Are there “hidden costs”?

A:  No, but you must understand that various educational costs will inevitably “crop up.”  Like any form of education to which a parent commits, you will always encounter some expenses.  For example, field trips will have costs, as will any material interests your group deems appropriate for your sons. 

Q:  What about uniforms?

A:  Once again, parents are in control.  Shirts and hats featuring the Teleo Scouts’ logo are offered and available, but they are not mandatory.  Parents may use these, create their own, or avoid the uniform concept altogether.

Q:  I’m interested.  How can I find out more?

A:  Simply ask any Teleo Scouts representative, or call 231-539-7773.  Thanks for your interest; we will be glad to assist you further!